NCSC Certification Exam

Exam Duration: 1 Day

Exam Fee: €150

Upcoming NCSC Exam Dates:

  • Dublin - January 21st 2018
  • Dublin - April 29th 2018

NCSC Certification Exam Overview:

If you are looking for a career in strength & conditioning or looking to add strength & conditioning services to your existing practice, then attaining a professional certificate in strength & conditioning coach is a vital career step. KG Elite Performance is the leading provider of Strength & Conditioning courses and our courses were devised to set the highest professional standards of practice for S&C coaches.

Our National Certificate in Strength & Conditioning (NCSC) exam assesses participants who have completed both Phase 1 and Phase 2 S&C courses. The NCSC Certification exam consists of:

  • Multiple choice written exam
  • Practical Olympic weightlifting assessment

Multiple Choice Exam:

The multiple choice written exam assesses all theoretical content delivered on both the Phase 1 and Phase 2 courses. The written exam is one hour in duration.

Practical Exam:

The practical exam will assess coaches ability to demonstrate either the Clean or the Snatch. Coaches will be also be assessed on their Olympic lifting "technical" and "coaching" models as derived from KG Elite Performance. The practical exam is half an hour in duration.

NCSC Certification:

KG Elite Performance have high standards for Strength & Conditioning coaching, so there are demands on coaches to attain our National Certificate in Strength & Conditioning (NCSC). Coaches must attain ≥70% on both the multiple choice exam and the practical exam to be rewarded with their NCSC qualification. 


"What a brilliant course, I learned so much and enjoyed every minute of it. KG Elite Performance's team of tutors are world class and were very approachable on any questions I had on the course. They were able to impart their wealth of knowledge from years of experience in a manner that was easy to understand. Added to this, they had excellent demonstration skills on all lifts and speed drills which increased my rate of learning. I will definitely recommend this course to any fitness professional and look forward to any follow up courses with KGEP" (Sam Richards, Swansea, Wales)

"Hugely enjoyable course and probably the best I have done after 10 years in the fitness industry. The level of tutoring from KGEP was exceptional and had a great mix of professionalism and humor which made it a very enjoyable experience. It was a very challenging course which extended my abilities all the time, but I appreciated having to work for my qualification. I would highly recommend the NCSC course for any fitness professional who wants to become an Internationally recognized S&C coach" (Chris Bradley, Greenvale Leisure Centre, Co. Derry)


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